How to pair wine and food

Wine Tasting Each dish has its own ideal wine to accompany that should be served at the correct temperature. It’s necessary to consider the various types of wine, red and white, sparkling wine, liqueur, sweet, lively white, red frame, pink, … Continua

Montalcino and its own wine Brunello

History of Montalcino  Like an island in the heart of Tuscany, the hill of Montalcino offers to those who ascend from the feeling of a gradual conquest, the sense of arriving in a snug harbour. Perhaps, because of its geographical … Continua

I Balzini

The secret of the accomplishment of above twenty many years of the wines of Vincenzo D’Isanto and his wife Antonella comes from their excellent curiosity in wine and their desire to create a merchandise that would be characterised by character … Continua