Italy is a premier Wine Making Country, a place where Wine comes with a dazzling array of flavours, along with focus, style and authenticity.

If you are a Wine Lover, and want to learn how to translate a physical Taste Experience into a sentence, Florence Wine Academy is the go-to place for a Wine Tasting Course.

Testimonials & Reviews

The only mistake I made was going to the Academy on the day I landed in Italy. Vittorio has wonderful experience in the wines and foods of Italy that you will not be disappointed. It was a great way to start the trip, laying a base to everything that would come. We were better prepared for our visits to vineyards thanks to the things we leaned at the Florence Wine Academy. This takes place in a home and not a store front so don’t be surprised and don’t hesitate a moment. We loved it!!
If you are looking for a wine tasting course for your trip in Florence, look no further. My girlfriend and I took the course while in the beautiful city and our whole appreciation for wine went from what we thought was significant to truly captivating. Vittorio was very knowledgeable and was as far from your average “wine snob” as you can imagine.

The setting felt proper and yet had the vibe that you were drinking with an old friend. Our tasting included five different levels of Chiantis which, without Vittorio’s instruction, would have tasted fairly similar had I not been instructed on how to properly taste the major differences, qualities, and processes that made each wine (and every wine) unique. He also paired each wine with a food that complimented the taste if the wine. After the enlightening course, Vittorio recommended that we take a short stroll on the way back towards the bridge to Piazza Michaelangelo. The panoramic view of Florence (probably aided also by the nice wine buzz) was for lack of a better word amazing.Also, only a small hike further up the hill, is an even better view from a beautiful church built back around 900 AD. This church, however, cannot be expressed in words and I can only recommend that you go there and feel it first hand.

I thank Vittorio for advising us on how to cap off the experience and highly highly highly recommend Florence Wine Academy. I wish all who heed my advice the same outstanding experience that I had the pleasure of enjoying.

We had a great time with Vittorio!
The wines he selected were great! We loved the wine, the lunch, and of course, the conversation we had about wine!

Vittorio is a great techer and we want to thank him for the wonderful wine tasting experience we had in Florence! We recommend!!

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